Team South Carolina

Players who are marked (Confirmed) have completed the registration process and secured a roster spot. Players who are marked (Pending) have been nominated but have not completed the registration process to secure a roster spot.

11U Open - Team South Carolina
  1. Mason Hudson (Confirmed)
  2. Brantley Hall (Confirmed)
  3. Jaxon Henderson (Confirmed)
  4. Mason Malone (Confirmed)
  5. Isaiah Hall (Confirmed)
  6. Brewer Knight (Confirmed)
  7. Anson Langdon (Confirmed)
  8. Everett Grainger (Confirmed)
  9. Dylan Funderburk (Confirmed)
  10. Tyler Russell (Confirmed)
  11. Brayden Jackson (Confirmed)
  12. Gavin Lee (Confirmed)
13U AA - Team South Carolina
  1. Joseph Langston (Confirmed)
  2. William Flowers (Confirmed)
  3. Connor Murphy (Confirmed)
  4. Copper Proner (Confirmed)
  5. Jameson Williams (Confirmed)
  6. Wyatt Huber (Confirmed)
  7. Brody Crosby (Confirmed)
  8. Laken Bear (Confirmed)
  9. Mason Woodward (Confirmed)
  10. Kenneth Schneider (Confirmed)
  11. Greyson McPhail (Confirmed)
  12. Hayden Gwinn (Confirmed)
  13. Colin Zirpel (Confirmed)