Supplemental Game Rules

  1. In the 8U division, pool & bracket games are six (6) innings with no new innings starting after one hour and fifteen minutes (1:15). 
  2.  In the 9U – 12U age divisions, Pool & Bracket Games are six (6) innings with no new inning starting after one hour and forty minutes (1:40). 
  3. In the 13U & 14U age divisions, Pool & Bracket Games are seven (7) innings with no new inning starting after one hour and forty-five minutes (1:45). 
  4. Team Composition – teams must be composed of players from three (3) different teams.
  5. Pool Games may end in a tie. Bracket & Championship Games will be played out to declare a winner. 
  6. Home team for Pool Games shall be determined by coin flip prior to each game. Home team for Bracket & Championship Games shall be determined by higher seed. 
  7. Teams MUST use a Continuous Batting Order with free defensive substitutions.
    1. Coaches will set a batting line-up prior to the beginning of the first game in pool play then once again before the first bracket play game. Coaches will also be allowed to reset their line-up one more time before the Championship game if needed.
    2. All players will bat in the line-up and are expected to hit. Batting line ups will be set once for pool games and once for bracket games. The batting line up will be set and continue to be revolving until reset for bracket play. 
    3. If a player is forced to leave the game, the following protocol will be followed:
      1. Ejection:
        1. A player ejection while roster batting will result in the team losing that player for the entire game. His/her spot in the batting order WILL be an automatic out.
      2.  Injury: 
        1. Batter: If a batter cannot fulfill his/her time at bat due to injury or illness, that player will be eliminated from that entire game. That spot will be skipped in the batting order. Teams will not be required to take an automatic out UNTIL they drop below 9 players.
        2. Runner: If a runner cannot continue his/her time on the bases, that player will be substituted with the last batter not on base. That athlete will not be allowed to participate in the remainder of the game. The line-up will compress when that spot comes to bat.
  8. Nine players shall be the defensive starters in game #1. Non-starters in game #1 MUST be starters in game #2. No player shall be a starter in a third (3rd) game until all players have been a starter in two (2) games, etc. Starters “rotate” each game. NO player sits twice until all players have sat once.
  9. Every player MUST play a minimum of two (2) defensive innings EVERY game. 
  10. Team managers will submit the play time report at the end of each day. This will allow tournament staff to help managers follow the format and help to ensure that all athletes receive the correct amount of playing time.
  11. Pool Play Format: All teams will play three (3) pool games. If there are an odd number of teams in a division then one team will play four (4) pool play games. The team who plays four (4) pool play games will only have their best three (3) games counted toward seeding for bracket play. Pitching for ALL games will be counted.
  12. Bracket Play Format: teams will be seeded into one bracket based on pool play results. If a team loses their first scheduled bracket game, they will drop down to another bracket and play for 3rd Place. Championship games in both the Championship Bracket and 3rd Place Bracket are winner take all. There are NO if games.
  13. Items not covered herein shall be governed by the USSSA Baseball National Rules.

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