Top Asked Questions

What are the National All State Championships?

The USSSA All State National Championships were established in 2022 with the aim of providing increased opportunities for baseball players to demonstrate their abilities and represent their local areas at a national event. The program creates an environment where young athletes aged 8U to 14U are placed on all state teams from their respective states and are given opportunities to compete against other all state teams.

The ultimate goal of this program is to provide a pathway for individual athletes to build relationships and compete against the best that each state has to offer while proudly representing their state.

How are players nominated for the National All State Championship?

Players were nominated from teams that finished in the Top 25 of the Power Rankings from within their state or through a local USSSA All State program.

What are the financial responsibilities if my athlete is selected?


What is the event refund policy?

There will be no refunds issued for this event. Any player requesting to be removed from the event after registering will receive a credit toward a National Individual Event of their choosing. If a player is on the waitlist and does not end up on a roster at the event they will receive a full refund.

Can payments be made in installments?

There is currently not an option for payments to be made in installments. The registration fee must be paid in full.

Can an athlete select a certain jersey number?

No, jersey numbers are randomly assigned.

What do athletes receive as part of the registration?
  • 3 Custom State Jerseys
    • Two State Jerseys
    • One Practice Jersey
  • Oakley Sutros
  • Custom All State Hat
  • USSSA Slides
  • Personalized Bag Tag
  • All State Umbrella
  • All State Mug
  • Custom Bag
  • Custom 8′ Feather Flag
  • Hat Pin
  • Frog Tog
  • Custom All State Ring
When is the registration deadline?

Deadline to register for the event is March 1st.

What will athletes need to bring?
  • White Pants (No piping, Knickers are Fine)
  • Black Socks
  • Black Belt
  • Personal equipment (No metal cleats)
  • Catchers gear if applicable
How are coaches selected?

Coaches were nominated from teams that finished in the Top 25 of the Power Rankings from within their state or through a local USSSA All State program.

What if there are not enough athletes from a state to field a full team?

Our ultimate goal is for each state to be represented by a full team in each age and class. There are unforeseen obstacles that sometimes make this goal difficult to obtain, in these instances players from states that do not have a complete roster will receive a full refund.

I completed registration but status did not change, why?

Please note that it is a manual process to “mark” players and a player’s status will not change instantaneously when completing the registration process.

What does it mean to be on the "Wait List"?

Any player that registers after a teams roster has been completed (between 12 to 14 players) they will be placed on a waiting list. In the case that a player is unable to attend the event the roster positions will be filled with players from the waiting list. If a player is on the waitlist and does not end up on a roster at the event they will receive a full refund.

FAQs - Game Format

How many games will teams play?

The event is a 5 Game Guarantee. The event staff will do everything within their power to make sure that teams are able to play all scheduled games.

What is the game format for the event?

Pool Play: All teams will play three (3) pool games. If there are an odd number of teams in a division then one team will play four (4) pool play games. The team who plays four (4) pool play games will only have their best three (3) games counted toward seeding for bracket play. Pitching for all games will be counted.

Bracket Play: teams will be seeded into one bracket based on pool play results. If a team loses their first scheduled bracket game, they will drop down to another bracket and play for 3rd Place. Championship games in both the Championship Bracket and 3rd Place Bracket are winner take all. There are NO if games.

Is the 8U age group split into two divisions?

No. All 8U athletes will play together in one division.

Is 8U kid pitch or coach pitch?

The 8U division of the event is Coach Pitch.

Is the 14U age group split into two divisions?

No. All 14U athletes will play together in one division.

FAQs - General Information

When is check-in?

Early Bird check-in on July 29th (5:00PM to 9:00PM)
Location: TBA
Player Check-in on July 30th (10:00AM to 8:00PM)
Location: TBA

What facilities will host the event?

The two main complexes for the event will be Mid America Sports Complex and Capitol Federal Sports Complex of Liberty.

What facility will my athlete play at?

Divisions will be assigned to complexes as the event draws near and the registration process closes.

When do games start and how many games should we expect each day?

Games will begin on August 1st and will conclude on August 4th. Teams should be prepared to play two games per day.

What are the gate fees for the event?

Families, Players, Friends – All Admitted FREE, at all parks

Is this a stay to play event?

This is a stay to play event. More information coming soon on the stay to play requirement.

How many players per team?

There will be between 12 to 14 players on a roster to ensure that each team has all positions covered, adequate pitching staff for the duration of the event and in case of players withdrawing late from the event.

What does (Confirmed) or (Pending) next to a player name mean?

Players who are marked (Confirmed) have completed the registration process and will have a spot on the team. Players that are marked (Pending) have been nominated but have not completed the registration process.