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All Event Communication

Email 1: February 1st - Travel Information (Email Sent)

Traveling to Kansas City

  • Park Locations and Directions
  • Where to stay
  • Airport Information for major airlines
  • Car Rental Information
  • And more.

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BONUS EMAIL*** Customize your Jersey

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Email 2: March 1st - History and Jersey Reveal
Email 3: April 1st - Complex Information

Fields and Rules


  • Equipment Restrictions
  • Park highlights and rules
  • Concession Information
  • Cooler rules for each park
BONUS EMAIL*** - Hotel Info / Park Assignments
Email 4: May 1st - Final Preparations and Packing List

Final Preparations and What to Pack

  • A checklist of items to pack for the event.
  • Weather information for Kansas City in August.
  • Details on the event’s dress code and uniform requirements.
  • Any last-minute updates or changes to the schedule.

Email: https://mailchi.mp/tournamentgear/final-preparations-for-the-national-all-state-baseball-tournament

Email 5: June 1st - Local Attractions in Kansas City

Explore Kansas City – Local Attractions Guide

  • A list of must-visit attractions and activities in Kansas City.
  • Recommendations for dining and local cuisine. Email 1: January 1st – Welcome and Registration Confirmation
  • Subject: Welcome to the National All State Event in Kansas City!
    • A warm welcome and introduction to the event.
    • Confirmation of their registration details.
    • A link to the event website for more information.
    • A brief overview of what they can expect at the event.
    • Important dates and deadlines.
  • Information on museums, parks, and cultural sites.
  • Links to helpful resources for exploring the city.
Email 6: July 1st - Meet the Coaches

Meet the Coaches and Special Event Coordinators

  • Introduction to the event’s coaches.
  • Highlights of our special events or performances planned for the event.
Email 7: July 10th - Final Countdown and Important Reminders

The Final Countdown to the National All State Event!

  • A final reminder of key dates, including checkin info.
  • Tips for making the most of the event experience.
  • Emergency contact information and event logistics.
  • Any important updates or announcements.
Email 8: July 17th - Opening Day Celebration

What to expect from the best Opening Day Celebration of the year!

  • Full Itinerary
  • Expected Weather
  • What to bring
  • What to expect
Email 9: July 25th - It's Here! Event Kickoff

Welcome to the National All State Event – Let’s Begin!

  • A warm welcome to Kansas City and the National All State event.
  • Last-minute logistics and check-in instructions.
  • A reminder of the first day’s schedule and activities.
  • Encouragement to connect with fellow participants and make the most of the event.