Team New Jersey

Players who are marked (Confirmed) have completed the registration process and secured a roster spot. Players who are marked (Pending) have been nominated but have not completed the registration process to secure a roster spot.

10U AA - Team New Jersey
  1. Liam Xander Gravato (Confirmed)
  2. Nathaniel Mora (Confirmed)
  3. Maxfield Estomin (Confirmed)
  4. Felix Matos (Confirmed)
  5. James D’Amore (Confirmed)
  6. Logan Reithinger (Confirmed)
  7. Connor Flesta (Confirmed)
  8. Jackson Lau (Confirmed)
  9. Cayden Colon (Confirmed)
  10. Ramses Vargas (Confirmed)
  11. Declan Coleman (Confirmed)
  12. Reily Bertran (Confirmed)
12U AA - Team New Jersey
  1. Aiden Alberto (Confirmed)
  2. Adam Farhood (Confirmed)
  3. Kristian Waples (Confirmed)
  4. Ryan Jaeger (Confirmed)
  5. Brayden Currie (Confirmed)
  6. Mason Alvarez (Confirmed)
  7. Peter Raimondi (Confirmed)
  8. Pedro Rodriguez (Confirmed)
  9. James McLaughlin (Confirmed)
  10. Jacob Kida (Confirmed)
  11. Tyler Suero (Confirmed)
  12. Chase Toldeo (Confirmed)
14U Open - Team New Jersey
  1. Branden Woletz (Confirmed)
  2. Dylan Miller (Confirmed)
  3. Jack Tucker (Confirmed)