Team Nevada

Players who are marked (Confirmed) have completed the registration process and secured a roster spot. Players who are marked (Pending) have been nominated but have not completed the registration process to secure a roster spot.

9U Open - Team Nevada
  1. Anthony D’Anna (Confirmed)
  2. Adrian Rodela (Confirmed)
  3. Christian Rodriguez (Confirmed)
  4. Sebastian Unzueta (Confirmed)
  5. Jose Gamboa (Confirmed)
  6. Carter Quezada (Confirmed)
  7. Colby Belding (Confirmed)
  8. Connor Rich (Confirmed)
  9. Vincent Morales (Confirmed)
  10. Xavier Esqueda (Confirmed)
  11. Parker Connally (Confirmed)
  12. Xavier Avalos (Confirmed)
12U Open - Team Nevada
  1. Brandon Smith (Confirmed)
  2. Peyton Bertuccini (Confirmed)
  3. Sam Carpenter (Confirmed)
  4. Christopher Bannister (Confirmed)
  5. Aden Cirian (Confirmed)
  6. Ezra Conrado (Confirmed)
  7. Carter Hurley (Confirmed)
  8. Ren Rollo (Confirmed)
  9. Michael Perez-Rodriguez (Confirmed)
  10. Ayden Berkowitz (Confirmed)
  11. Cash Huseman (Confirmed)