Team Michigan

Players who are marked (Confirmed) have completed the registration process and secured a roster spot. Players who are marked (Pending) have been nominated but have not completed the registration process to secure a roster spot.

9U AA - Team Michigan
  1. Logan Wagner (Confirmed)
  2. Owen Gentner (Confirmed)
  3. John Block (Confirmed)
  4. Bo Watson (Confirmed)
  5. Reid Waters (Confirmed)
  6. Knox Kohls (Confirmed)
  7. Klete Kruse (Confirmed)
  8. Braden Coluccio (Confirmed)
  9. Luke Miller (Confirmed)
  10. Henry Majewski (Confirmed)
  11. Legend Leddy (Confirmed)
10U AA - Team Michigan
  1. Boston Bonk (Confirmed)
  2. Ben Wierenga (Confirmed)
  3. Cody Hessel (Confirmed)
  4. Lincoln Alter (Confirmed)
  5. Lakelan Judd (Confirmed)
  6. Jack Zasada (Confirmed)
  7. Jacob Taylor (Confirmed)
  8. Wyatt Dykhuizen (Confirmed)
13U Open - Team Michigan
  1. Austin Prinz (Confirmed)
  2. Easton Benaske (Confirmed)
  3. Colin McDonald (Confirmed)
  4. Taisei Some (Confirmed)
  5. Nate Houck (Confirmed)
  6. Evan Malsheske (Confirmed)
  7. Kaden Appel (Confirmed)
  8. Christopher Lukosavich (Confirmed)
  9. Hunter Barton (Confirmed)
  10. Brayden Burkmeir (Confirmed)
  11. Zeke Boggs (Confirmed)
  12. Caleb Henry (Confirmed)